Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing Services



  • GI &PI Ducting Installation System
  • Chiller System
  • District Cooling System
  • Package units
  • DX Units and Fan Coil Unit Installation Systems
  • Chilled water Piping System
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Ecology Unit Installation System
  • Chemical Flushing &3 rd part Testing


  • Hot & Cold Water Supply Systems
  • Water Filtration System
  • Irrigation System
  • Swimming Pool
  • Drainage System
  • Sanitation System
  • Rain Water
  • LPG/NG Systems


  • Fire Fighting Sprinkler Installation
  • Fire Suppression System
  • FM 200 System
  • Foam System
  • Clean Agent system

LV Panels

  • Main Distribution Board
  • Essential Distribution Board
  • Sub –Main Distribution Boards
  • Final Distribution Boards
  • Motor Control Center
  • AMF panel
  • Automatic  Transfer Switch
  • Capacitor Banks
  •  Feeder Pillar, General Control & Synchronization Panel


  • Standby Generator
  • Prime Generator

Bus Bar System

  • Bus Way System
  •  Tap Off Unit and Accessories

UPS System

  • Dynamic UPS
  • Static UPS
  •  Invertors & Convertors

Power Cables

  • Crossed Linked Polyethylene Cable XLPE (MV & LV)
  • Polyvinyl chloride cable –PVC (MV & LV Steel wired armored Cable)

Wiring Accessories

  • Switches
  • Isolators
  • Conduits
  • Trucking
  • Plugs
  • Socket outlets
  • Flex Outlets
  •  Ceiling Rose 

Light Fixtures

  • Internal Lights
  • External Lights
  • Façade Lights
  • Aircraft warning Lights
  •  Park Lights
  • Street Lights
  • Flood Lights

Earthing & Lightning Protection System

  • Rolling Sphere  Method
  • Protective angle method
  •  Mesh  method
Our HVAC division provides customize and innovative solutions in the field of Air-conditioning. We undertake HVAC works encompassing supply, installation, testing and commissioning for residential, commercial and industrial projects. A team of qualified and experienced engineers supported by design team provides optimum solutions to customers for all their air-conditioning requirements and energy consumption savings in varying ambient conditions. Our staff is highly trained offering the best quality and high standard workmanship in producing the required designs, performing the installation works & maintenance works of HVAC systems and refrigeration systems as specified & required. Our scope of works includes small domestic HVAC systems to complex industrial systems including Chillers (air cooled and water cooled), VRV/VRF, Package Units, Split Units Ducted & Non Ducted, Decorative & Cassette type Split ACs, Air Handling Units, Pumps, Extract Fans, Heat Exchangers, Fan Coil Units, Computer Room Air Conditioning Units, Heat Recovery Units, automated BMS and PLC control systems. All of our systems are designed, installed, tested and commissioned in accordance with the most vigorous of international industry standards.
As rapid urbanization increases, so is the demand for potable water and sewerage services. PSEM has the infrastructure, experience and expertise to install the required pipelines, pumping stations and complete sewerage networks. We undertake installation of potable water, irrigation, sewerage and drainage networks. Services include the installation, pipe laying, testing and commissioning of complete networks in commercial, industrial and domestic buildings.
Firefighting is the act of extinguishing fires. A firefighter suppresses and extinguishes fires to protect lives and to prevent the destruction of property and of the environment.  Firefighters may provide other valuable services to their communities, including emergency medical services. One of the major hazards associated with firefighting operations could possibly be the toxic environment created by combustible materials, the four major risks are smoke, oxygen deficiency, elevated temperatures, and poisonous atmospheres. Additional hazards include falls and structural collapse that can exacerbate the problems entailed in a toxic environment. To combat some of these risks, firefighters carry self-contained breathing equipment. The first step in a firefighting operation is reconnaissance to search for the origin of the fire, to identify the specific risks, and to locate possible casualties. Fires can be extinguished by water, fuel removal, or chemical flame inhibition
Power Distribution is a system, consisting of a Main Distribution Board (MDB), Sub Main Distribution Boards (SMDBs) and Final Distribution Boards(FDB), by which the electrical energy is transmitted via branches to reach the exact end user. MDB An MDB is a panel or enclosure that houses the fuses, circuit breakers and ground leakage protection units where the electrical energy, which is used to distribute electrical power to numerous individual circuits or consumer points, is taken in from the transformer or an upstream panel. An MDB typically has a single or multiple incoming power sources and includes main circuit breakers and residual current or earth leakage protection devices. A MDB is comprised of a free standing enclosure, a bus bar system, MCCB's, metering and support equipments and required current transformers. Panels are assembled in a systematic manner such as incomer section and outgoing section and maximum current rated up to 6000A SMDB which is feed by MDB which is installed generally at the point where a large distribution cable terminates and several smaller sub-circuits start. These are the switchboards that although similar construction, are larger than a final distribution board circuit. The boards are installed midway through the power distribution system, at the point in a large distribution cable ends, and several smaller starting sub-circuits .maximum current rated up to 1250A FDB  Final Distribution Board is feed by a Sub-Main Distribution Boards ,which then feeds electrical energy to the end user with Current rating up to 250A.
Electric power generators can be classified in one of three ways depending on their mode of operation standby , continuous, prime generators Standby generator :Standby power rated generators are the most commonly rated generator sets. Their primary application is to supply emergency power for a limited duration during a power outage. With standby rated generators there is no overload capability built into the units. Standby power rating should be applied to the unit where public utility power is available. The typical rating for a standby engine should be sized for a maximum of 80% average load factor and roughly 200 hours per year. Continuous Power Rating generator :Continuous power rating is used in applications where supplying power is at a constant 100% load for an unlimited number of hours each year. Continuous power rated units are most widely used in applications where the power grid is unreachable. Such applications include mining, agriculture or military operations. Prime power rated generators :Prime Power rated generators are used in applications where the power grid unavailable. Prime power applications fall under two distinct categories Indefinite Running Time and Limited Running Time .
We provides wide variety of light fixtures such as Internal lights ,external lights, Air craft warning lights ,Street lights ,Flood lights ,Park Lights Etc depends on the client requirements . Internal lights includes LED lights (Recessed, Surface mounted, LED step lights, LED Tape Lights), Display lights, Rope lights, Cove Lighting, Fluorescent lights ,decorative lights & Emergency Lights Etc. External Lights includes Wall mounted lights, under water lights for swimming pool, Decorative suspended wall mounted light, Linear LED wall washer & Pendant lights Etc.
Structural Lightning Protection System is installed to minimize the risk of damages to the External & Internal parts of the structures including the electrical and electronic equipments from a Lightning strike and reducing the risk of injury to humans by safety discharging the high voltage to the earth system. To calculate the area of protection the rolling sphere technique can be employed. The zone of protection determined by the methods requires protection through the Roof mesh method and protective angle methods. The products used for LPS are Bare copper tape, Bare Al Tape, Solid circular conductor, Bare stranded copper conductor, PVC insulated stranded Cu conductor, Strike Pads, Square Tape clamps, Bi- Metallic connectors, Test clamps, Air terminal fixings, Air Terminals, Earth rods, Earth rods clamps, Earth rod couplings, Earth Bars etc.

Extra Low Voltage Systems Services


Security Systems

  • Surveillance CCTV & Digital Video Systems
  • Perimeter Security
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems
  • Intelligent Traffic System
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Asset Tagging & Object Tracking
  • Resource Management & Tracking System
  • Integrated Fire Alarm Solution
  • Electronic Article Surveillance System

Access Control Systems

  • Time Attendance and Access Control
  • Audio Video Intercom System
  • Central Command Centre
  • Gate Barrier System
  • Que Management System

Communications Systems

  • Structural Cabling
  • Infrastructure Design Implementation
  • DSL & Wide Area Networking
  •  Radio, Voice & Data Network
  • PABX Switching / Integration
  • Broadband Wireless
  • Master Clock

TV Systems

  • Satellite Master Antenna Television System (SMATV)
  • Broadband Signal Distribution (L-Band/IF Signal)
  • Direct to Home Systems (DTH System)
  • CATV-Cable Distribution (RF-Signal)
  • Satellite Dish Farms
  • Digital and Analogue Head Ends
  • TV Signal Distribution System
  • IP-TV System
  • Conditional Access System

Audio Video & Automation

  • Equipment Automation
  • AV & Remote Automation
  • Home Theaters & Private Cinemas
  • Broadcasting Cabling
  • Radio Systems
  • PA & BGM System
  • Professional AV Systems / Conferences Room
  • Smart Board Systems

IT & Networking

  • Internet Delivery & Distribution
  • Data Networking
  • Wireless LANs
  • Computer Systems & Peripherals
  • Servers
  • Network Security
  • Data Centers
  • Intelligent Infrastructures

Facility Protection & Supports

  • CO Detection Systems
  • Liquid Detection Systems
  • Integrated Fire Alarm Solution
  • Gas Leakage Detection Systems

Digital Signage

  • Retail Advertising
  • Outdoors & Public Venues
  • Airports
  • Banks
  • Lifts
  • Restaurant
  • Movie Theaters
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  •  Medical Facilities
  •  Real Time Passenger Information System (RTP) 

Intelligent Facilities

  • Building Management Systems
  • Intelligent Building Controls
  • Energy Management Systems
  • SCADA & Industrial Automation
  • HVAC Optimization
  • Interior Air Quality Control
  • Emergency Lighting system
  • Use Friendly Open Protocol
  • Lightning Management and Optimization
  • Building Energy Monitoring & Cost Reduction
In the growing world managing and protecting the infrastructure ,assets ,people and the state is always the first priority of our customer. CCTV surveillance is one of the main and common method used to ensure you have eye every where at the right time to prevent a situation from becoming an incident . it not only protect your home and gives a security but also it captures some very much valuable video footage to be used in the future. PSEM has a wide range of CCTV products such as Analog ranging from IP to IP, which includes the CCTV Cameras like Box Camera, Speed Dome Camera, PTZ Camera, Board Camera, Infrared (IR) Camera, License Plate Recognition Camera, Low-light Camera, WDR Camera, Explosion Roof Camera, Vandal-Proof Camera, HDcctv Camera, etc. PSEM have the authorized distribution with the leading brands such as (Samsung, Axis & Ganz, Bosch, etc.). It helps the customer to choose a wide range of product with cheap price & good quality.
The need to secure certain areas of your organization or assuring that the authorized personnel are only the one to use your resources became a must for different kind of business. PSEM provides a range of Access Control solution that covers all the possible applications and need for the Access Control and Time Attendance. PSEM provide difference type of Control Solutions, beginning from those of simple One-Door Access Control System to even more complicated network type Access Control System. It is a revolutionary solution with power advantages including the affordable cost of Access Control System. While offering the same advantages of a finger-print-based system, it is easier to install and connect wires compared to other existing RF card-based system, because it is built in a unique detachable structure. PSEM have the authorized distribution with leasing brands such as Samsung ,Prima ,Bosch Suprema ,CDVI Etc )It helps the customer to choose a wide range of product with cheap price & good quality.
Monitoring the access to your premises is important, and gate barriers play an important part in allowing access to your business area. Automatic gates and barriers can ensure that only authorized visitors are entering the premises. Apart from an ideal solution for controlling vehicle transit, Gate Barriers also play a defining role in marking your territory and its clear boundary. PSEM have different of products in the entry control system category. Depending upon the need and the ascension of degree of passage required, PSEM provides flap barriers; swing gates for building access control and gate barriers for parking access control. PSEM have the authorized distribution with Came, Banninca & FACC, which helps to choose the customer with different type of products in good quality & price.
Increasing demands for technology driven systems have led to integration of audio visual systems for video-conferencing solutions, projector solutions, home automation systems, digital signage solutions, dynamic message and content delivery solutions catering to residential and corporate users. PSEM have authorized distribution with leading brands such as Hitachi ,Promethean ,Panasonic Etc ,It helps the customer to choose a wide range of product with cheap price and good quality.
Every structured cabling system is unique because of the architectural structure of the building, cable and connection product, function of the cabling installation, types of equipment the cabling installation will supports , specification of an already installed structure, customer requirements and manufacturer warranties. The methods we use to complete and maintain cabling installations are relatively standard. The standardization of these installations is necessary because of the need to ensure acceptable system performance. We have in-house talents to facilitate 1G/10G CAT6A, CAT6 & CAT5E, In UTP ,S/FTP ,Fiber Termination Splicing and Testing (Fluke, OTDR). A structured cabling system is as important to the success of your organization as the people are who work in it. A well-planned structured cabling system facilitates the continuous flow of information, enables the sharing of resources, promotes smooth operation, accommodated ever-changing technology, offers plenty of room for growth and evolves with your organization. Network switches, if done right , it will serve you well for years. If not, your organization growth can be suffered. PSEM follow the ETISALAT/DU (Local Authorities Regulation) in designing and installation of structural cabling system. PSEM have authorized distribution with leading brands such as (Norden, Belden, Opterna, Schneider, 3M etc.). It helps the customer to choose a wide range of product with cheap price and good quality.
Video or Audio Intercom System has numerous features that suits for the security needs of the tenants. PSEM offer, colored video monitoring of different size and Audio units that can facilitate the main door access ordeni to the guest in order to provide the privacy and security. Video Intercom System monitor have picture memory that can store the missed calls and picture that it captured. PSEM have authorized distribution with leading Brands such Elvox, Alphone, Panasonic, etc. It helps the customer to choose a wide range of product with cheap price and good quality .
Satellite Master Antenna Television System that uses multiple satellite and broadcast signals to create a single integrated cable signed for distribution to a cabling networks. The following free to air satellite channels from Arabsat 3A Hotbird and Nilesat satellites shall be provided in the system through the central RF headendA Arabsat 3A 15 Nos. free to air digital (QPSK to PAL) channels B Hotbird 10 Nos. free to air digital (QPSK to PAL) channels C Nilesat 101 15 Nos. free to air digital (QPSK to PAL) Actual selection of channels will be done at the time of commissioning. The system shall be of a modular construction, thus making it possible to add extra stations at a later date. A 13 AMP Fusible test socket shall be installed for the future connection of signal test equipment to aid the service requirement. PSEM have authorized distribution with leading brands such as : Triax, Televes, Alcad, etc It helps the customer to choose a wide of product will cheap price and good quality Brand
Automatic Under Vehicle Inspection System (AUVIS) is the mobile solution for the fully automatic identification of threats or modification to a vehicle’s undercarriage. Vehicle drive over the dual view scanners while the system compile two high-resolution, virtual 3-D digital images of a vehicle’s undercarriage to create the vehicle digital “fingerprint”. Two view make it easier to see any threatening objects that may be hidden on top of an axel or crossbeam. An overview/driver camera captures the normal view of car/driver and displays this on the high-resolution touch screen. After the vehicle cleared the scanning device, it only takes 2-3 seconds for Automatic Foreign Object Detection software to automatically compare the subject vehicle (stored in the database)and display both on the screen. The system then immediately identifies any foreign objects or modifications to the undercarriage by circling them with a red ring (see below) and activating an audio and/or visual alarm. The operator screen displays the overview/driver image in color (right). The undercarriage views are displayed in monochrome (right and on next page) allowing for more pixel detail and thus better resolution than color images. Since the automatic systems rely on computers to analyze the images and not the human eye, monochrome is superior to color.