Power Spray Electro Mechanical LLC Engineering & running agenda are being performed all the way by the following procedures.

Our engineers are fully qualified in all respects. The MEP section employs an accuracy and speed for planning & design analysis. We present a technical innovation at the site and gather all the engineers and technicians regularly in order to asses and update the most recent methods.
The concept of this phase is not permanent due to the abrupt alteration of the materials to be use. The Clients / Contractors send us the proposal drawings and we immediately analyzed to ensure a quick response for project costing approval and furthermore proceed to construction.
Power Sprays’ site engineers & technicians are well trained. The procedure for planning & design and appropriate electrical and mechanical installations are adhered to and closely supervised in order to meet the on time completion of the project.
Safety Log Book: We maintain at our site a safety log book is under the care and custody of our site engineer. This log allows employees and visitors to report as safety violations or safety in general record. The log book is divided into the following sections: -Name of Employees Position – Contact Number - Time in & Time Out - Comments on condition - Signature - Site Engineer closing remarks - Working Hours: Our standard working office hours is 8 (eight) hours a day from 8.00 o’clock in the morning up to 1.00 o’clock in the afternoon and from 2.00 o’clock to 5.00 o’clock in the evening, through Saturday to Wednesday and on Thursday from 8.00 O’clock in the morning to 2.00 O’clock in the Afternoon. Working overtime is prescribed if necessary. - Quarterly Supervisory Meetings: At this stage it is held by all operating entities in order to follow up the job site supervisors as well as office staff and see to it the development and the continuous working cooperatively. This meeting is an informative & conductive for discussion. Supervisors from different section and projects site presents the ongoing jobs that have been carried out in a good manner and at same time reporting if there are some problem encountered. - Safety Principle & Procedure: A safe work environment will be provided by elimination of hazards. Each employee has a personal responsibility to prevent injury to self or to others and damage to property becomes as individual employees concern. Supervisors will conduct frequent inspection of their respective work area with the intent being to discover and hazardous or unsafe or correct such condition
power Spray have a legal and contractual responsibility to ensure that each place at which our employees work is safe and that it remain safe as long as employees works there. Likewise each supervisor is responsible for ensuring that every man working under his/her direction or control has a safe working place. Safe area is a very important part of our operation should be a safe working place and to attain this objective, all safety principle and procedure is strictly implemented. Power Spray has full capacity to operate and maintain as absolute service to keep it running, hassle free and hit the highest point of effectiveness. Furthermore we are more capable to continue the operation and maintenance to meet up the satisfaction of our clients.
- Testing: During services installation various test (static testing) will be undertaken by us. This testing is normally undertaken to prove the quality and workmanship of the installation. Such work is undertaken before a Certificate is issued to “enliven” (i.e. to make live services whether mechanically or electrically. - Commissioning Upon completion of static testing, Commissioning will be undertaken. Commissioning process is entitled for a systematic process of ensuring , verifying and documenting that a building facilities and systems performs in accordance with the design intent, contract documents, and the owner’s operational needs. It is the quality assurance process that is performed to increase the performance and likelihood that a newly constructed building and its systems meet the clients/owners expectations and needs. - Handing Over Handover action may be accomplished between control agencies/ Consultant of separate services when conducting joint operations or between control agencies within a single command and control system. Handover action is complete when the receiving control acknowledges assumption of control authorities.